The New Testament lies hidden in the Old
and the Old is unveiled in the New.
Saint Augustine


Jesus of Nazareth

The Course on Jesus of Nazareth. The course is divided into three parts: (1) the Infancy Gospels; (2) From Jesus' Baptism to transfiguration; (3) Jesus' Passion, Resurrection, and Ascension.

The Pentateuch

Introduction to the Pentateuch - the first five book of the Bible - the Torah. The course takes the student on a fascinating journey from Paradise to the Promised Land.

The Prophets

An introduction to the Prophetic Books in the Bible. Based on Abraham Heschel's book, "the Prophets", and other addtional resources. The course aims to make the message of the biblical prophets understandable and applicable to our times.

Wisdom Books

An introduction to wisdom literature in the Bible. Based on Roland E. Murthy's book, "The tree of life", and other addtional resources. The course aims to show that the twenty-first-century man and woman can learn a lot about the mysteries of life from the writings of the wise people of the Bible.

The Gospel of John

This course is based on commentaries of F.F. Bruce, Edward W. Klink, and Francis Martin and William M. Wright IV on the Gospel of John. The course aims to introduce the students to the biblical and theological depth of the Fourth Gospel.

Saint Paul - His Life and Letters

An introduction to life of the great apostle Paul and his writings. It is based on NET Bible notes and many other addtional resources. The course aims to introduce contemporary believers in Christ to life of Saint Paul and his writings.

Letter to the Hebrews

Origen said that only God knows who wrote the letter to the Hebrews. It is an extraordinary homily on the mystery of Jesus Christ - who is greater than the angels, than Moses and Aaron - the High Priestof our faith and the Mediator with God the Father.

The Book of Revelation

The Book of Revelation is one of the most difficult books of the Bible to understand and interpret. This course aims to help the readers in this task. It is based on an exellent commentary of the book of Revelation by Peter S. Williamson with some addtional material from Buist M. Fanning commentary on the Revelation.

Christmas Retreat

Called to become Christmas Christians in a world that lives in darkness and the shadow of death.

Lenten Retreat

"Repent and believe in the Gospel (Mk 1:15)". Return to God, change the way you think, and put your trust in Jesus.