Outline of Revelation

Prologue, greeting, and initial vision of the Risen and exalted Christ (Rev 1:1–20)

I. What is happening: Christ’s messages to the seven churches (Rev 2:1–3:22);

II. What will happen afterwards (or the second vision): (Rev 4:1–22:11);

Epilogue and greeting (Rev 22:12–21)

Part I:

  1. To the Church in Ephesus (2:1–7);
  2. To the Church in Smyrna (2:8–11)
  3. To the Church in Pergamum (2:12–17)
  4. To the Church in Thyatira (2:18–29)
  5. To the Church in Sardis (3:1–6)
  6. To the Church in Philadelphia (3:7–13) 7.
    To the Church in Laodicea (3:14–22)

Part II

A. The Worship of Heaven; the Lamb and the Scroll (4:1–5:14)

B. Warning Signs (6:1–9:21)

1. Opening of the First Six Seals (6:1–17)  
2. God’s People before and after the Great Tribulation (7:1–17)  
3. The Seventh Seal: Six Warning Trumpets (8:1–9:21) 

C. The Opened Scroll and the Recommissioning of the Prophet (10:1–11)

D. The Church at Worship, the Two Witnesses, the City’s Response (11:1–13)

E. The Seventh Trumpet; Overview of the Church’s Story (11:14–14:20)

1. The Seventh Trumpet, Worship, and Appearance of the Ark of the Covenant (11:14–19)  
2. Background: The Woman, the Dragon, and the Male Child (12:1–18)  
3. The Two Beasts (13:1–18)  
4. The Companions of the Lamb (14:1–5)  
5. Three Angel Heralds and the Eternal Gospel (14:6–13)  
6. The Harvesting of the Earth (14:14–20) 

F. Preparation and Pouring Out of the Seven Bowls of Wrath (15:1–16:21)

G. Conclusion (or third vision): Judgment and Salvation (17:1–22:11)

1. Revelation of the Harlot and the Beast; Judgment of Babylon (17:1–19:10)  
2. Visions of the Victory of Christ and of God (19:11–21:8)  
    a. Victory of Christ over the Beast, the False Prophet, and Their Army (19:11–21)  
    b. The Thousand-Year Reign and God’s Victory over Satan  (20:1–10)  
    c. Final Judgment of the Dead and of Death (20:11–15)  
    d. New Heaven, New Earth, New Jerusalem (21:1–8)  
3. Revelation of the Bride of the Lamb, the New Jerusalem (21:9-22:11).

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